KS2013 Longmen Machining Center

Technical Parameters

X/Y/Z strokemm2000*1300*600
Workbench dimensionsmm2100*1200
T-groove size of worktablemm
Door widthmm1400
X/Y/Z Rail SpecificationmmXYZ :RollerMRB45
X/Y/Z Screw specificationmmX:R50*12,YZ:50*10
Workbench load-bearingKG4000
Dragon Gate Passing Heightmm870
Distance from nose end of spindle to worktablemm200-800
Optical Machine Weight/Bed WeightKG约7200/8200
Appearance sizemm5520*2550*2850


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1. Three-axis ball screw with stage system " PMI" or " HIWIN" C3;

2、Nissan NSK P4 bearing for three axles;

3. Three axes adopt "HIWIN" roller track/Rexroth ball guide;

4. Yuxiang Volumetric Oil Injector; Oil Pumping Motor (Optical Machine does not match);

5. German R+W elastic coupling;

6. X-axis steel plate shield, Y-axis organ shield;

7. Toolbox and Adjustment Tools


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1、BT40-¢150-12000RPM   “Speedcn”Direct spindle

2、BT50-¢190-6000RPM “Speedcn”Belt spindle

3、BT40-24T    Arm-type tool holder

4、BT50-24T    Arm-type tool holder

5、Z-Axis High Pressure Air Balance or Hydraulic Nitrogen Balance

design draft

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